At Tailored we aspire to:


Initiate a fertile dialogue between the fashion/luxury industry and the legal/consulting profession.


Offer practical skills to the fashion and luxury business professionals, fashion lawyers, entrepreneurs and designers.


Enable the businesses to gain a better understanding of the legal issues facing the fashion and luxury industry.


Promote the discipline of Fashion and Luxury Law and Business.


Remove any barriers encountered by fashion and luxury businesses in Greece.


To achieve our goals, we intend to:


Organize conferences, seminars & workshops


Plan networking events


Establish strategic collaborations with industry key players and stakeholders


Develop a network of experienced lawyers, consultants and fashion and luxury professionals




Tailored is founded by Alexandra Varla, business lawyer, co-organizer of the Fashion Law and Business Conference entitled “Fashioning the Law: Design-Protect-Trade-Mediate” and Senior Associate at Zoulovits-Kontogeorgou Law Firm.

If you are involved in the fascinating and constantly changing fashion and luxury industry don’t miss the unique opportunity to interact with industry experts, exchange ideas and share experiences to improve your business.