TAILORED is a non-profit organization founded in Greece for the purposes of initiating a fertile dialogue between the Creative Industries and the legal world.


With the vision of supporting the Creative Industries in Greece (Fashion, Luxury, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Design & Architecture etc.), TAILORED is an organization which praises creativity and innovation.


At TAILORED we are dedicated to Law and the Business of Fashion & Luxury. We acknowledge the interdependence between the Creative Industries and the Law and we believe that both the businesses and their lawyers need to understand that the legal needs of these markets are unique – therefore they must be handled in a specialized, tailored manner.


TAILORED is designed to function as an educational and networking hub, with the ability to customize (tailor) its events and initiatives, in order to fit the particular business and legal needs of each of the Creative Industries it covers.
TAILORED aims to offer in-depth understanding of the core principles of the Fashion and Luxury Business and provide its community and its events’ participants with the tailored tools they will undoubtedly need, in order to better manage the course of their everyday business.


Our vision is to:


– Enable the businesses and professionals to gain a better understanding of the legal issues facing the Creative Industries.


– Offer knowledge and practical skills to the Fashion and Luxury Industry professionals, fashion lawyers, entrepreneurs and designers.


– Encourage the exchange of ideas between professionals with diverse backgrounds.


– Promote the discipline of Fashion & Luxury Law and Wine Law.
Not just Fashion & Luxury …


At TAILORED, we focus on a wide spectrum of Greece’s Creative Industries including:


– Fashion
– Luxury
– Food & Wine
– Travel & Leisure
– Design & Architecture


And more …