A reference point for the contemporary, cutting-edge issues facing the fashion & luxury industry


“Tailored Conversations” is a series of engaging, motivational and inspiring conversations with representatives from different sectors of the fashion & luxury market and the legal world.


Each of the “Tailored Conversations” will have a specific topic of discussion and guest speakers who are experts in that particular topic.


Attendees will have the opportunity to tailor each conversation to their needs, by sending in advance a list of challenging issues that trouble their business, to be discussed with the guest speakers.


“Tailored Conversations” speakers are top-tier industry experts who inspire, engage, empower and motivate – speakers who exchange ideas, share their experiences, successes and failures.


They represent a diverse array of business topics, they are specialists in their fields, and are at the forefront of breakthrough technologies, thought leadership, academia, and business.


Participants will be given the unique opportunity to:


– Meet industry representatives and engage into creative discussions
– Explore the full spectrum of the fashion & luxury market through real practices and case-studies
– Gain a better understanding of the interdependence between the creative industries and the law
– Address the legal and business issues encountered by the fashion and luxury businesses both in Greece and abroad
– Obtain useful and practical knowledge which they can apply in the course of their profession and
– Join a network of top-tier fashion and luxury business professionals
“Tailored Conversations” are:


– Tailored to the participants and their business needs
– Affordable
– Interactive – Not a sterile lecture – The attendees participate to the discussion and challenge the speakers
– Encouraging diversity and the exchange of ideas between different industries